How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Plans: Learn To Work Through The Internet

Yes, Virginia, there really are ways to make money from home. Some of them do involve the internet; some of them are based out of your home. It all depends on your talent, your determination, and your time.

Bringing Professionals Together

Often, sites will offer a place for employers to meet with potential employees – on a contract basis. Consider this to be virtual work. Some of these types of job boards charge to be a member. While a small fee may be considered reasonable to cover administrative costs, any site that charges must be approached with caution and alarm bells. Since there are sites that do not charge up front, it’s advisable to stick with those. provides for both – free and membership. Note though, that free just means no monthly fee; you are still charged a percentage of your earnings. Think of as your booking agent.

However, the best site is oDesk – no cost, and you post your profile along with your charge per hour for the type of work. The “buyer” or employer pays oDesk, which takes a 10% cut before passing it on to the “employee” or “provider”. Note though, that oDesk advises providers to add in this 10% “cost” – so that if the provider wants $22/hr, then the hourly rate should actually be about $24. As well, employers post jobs, and can also “invite” you to an interview. Type of talents needed is writing of all kinds, administrative support, web development, software development, graphic design, etc.

Find out about other sites – do a search of Freelance work and check out the results.

Other Work From Home Plans

Don’t forget about that hobby of yours – you can easily start your own business creating customized gifts, or whatever service/product you can provide to others. Then create a website to promote your goods or service (use one of the free sites offered through your internet provider or Yahoo) as well as flyers or other local advertisements.


Yes, you can make some money on eBay, but be prepared to first pay out money. eBay charges for anything you want to sell online, but it does provide you with some built-in protection with that cost. You could actually create a “store” on eBay and sell your customized gifts through it.

Bottom Line

Yes, it is possible to find legitimate work through the internet and work from the comfort of your home. It takes time and effort though and depends on your talents. Just make sure you avoid any work from home scams.