Does Amazon Hire Felons?

No, the Amazon company will not hire the felons to work for them. This is for the back reason of the rule which is held in the year of 2012 as an integrity staffing which was used by the man who is denied to the employment by the integrity over a long age felony conviction record.

The lawsuit forced the staffing agencies like Amazon to make more sensible decisions about the people with a criminal background, which means that Amazon does not hire felons to work for them. And even for the people who are not having a criminal record with them, the crossing of background checkup done by the Amazon company is very difficult.

This is because to hire a new employee in the Amazon company, before that the employee needs to under a background checkup with the Amazon company. If you want to be able to enjoy the flexible hours and $18/hr minimum pay of working for Amazon flex company you have to pass in the Amazon flex background check.

The background checks of Amazon company comes into play after you have initially signed up to drive for Amazon Flex, been contacted for interest, filled out their survey, and been invited to download the app.

Who conducts the background checks at Amazon?

As for the motor vehicle background check, then for the criminal background check, Amazon company contracts a third party service which is known as the accurate background to run the background to check for their employee’s background and their partner’s background.

Here once you have submitted the information about you needed by the Amazon company via Amazon flex app for the background check, then that information is forwarded to the accurate background to run the check.

If you get a pass in this check you can able to get a job in Amazon company.

It is very difficult to find a job when you are an ex-felon. However, there are some opportunities out there if you know the catch. Always be prepared and update at for a second chance.